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For my DOG LOVING fans....I'm also working on the next several WOOF BOOKS of the "The WOOF Books series" featuring Sophie and Max, Jack and Buttercup, and Tilley the kitten. The first five are out now! Check back for the latest!

If you're inclined to leave a review, please know that they really do make or break a writer's career. I value your input and am humbled by your kindness.

I promise this is going to be a fun ride. Please stay tuned....and as always, thank you!!
I write romantic comedy as Katie Bryan. Check out The WOOF BOOKS and LOVING LOGAN under the Katie Bryan books tab.

As KT Bryan, I'm an action, adventure, romantic suspense novelist who enjoys good wine, great art, Tuscany, and a touch of mayhem. (You never know what you might see when you wake up suddenly in the dark.) I’m the author of TEAM EDGE.

I currently live in Georgia with my family and three very spoiled cats. I have a varied background in the military, the airlines, antiques, and medicine. My favorite career is writing and sharing stories with readers and fellow writers. I'm an animal advocate and love cats and dogs.

I also write screenplays and TV pilots as Katherine Bryan. I'll be sure to let you know when one of my movies is released, you can bet on hearing it here first!

And OK, well, since you asked...

I have danced with emus (one emu for less than ten seconds, possibly it was chasing me), lost approximately 42,371 pens (actually it was 10 pencils and 7 or maybe 29 pens – hey, I don’t have to LOVE math), was smacked by a glacier (no, I am not the Titanic, and it wasn’t so much a glacier as an ice cube tray that fell on my foot). I don’t wear a corset or write poems (although am quite sure could master both, probably if I didn’t want to breathe and learned what a haiku is since it turns out it’s not a fancy martial arts term).

When not writing, I'm a professional disruptive influence and prolific liar. Possibly was Dora The Explorer in another life.

Here are a few of my favorite adages:

We are all weird. And life is weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours we call it love.

It’s not so much what you say that counts, it’s how you make people feel.

The biggest mistake you can make is doing nothing because you’re scared to make a mistake.

If you catch yourself working hard and loving every minute of it, don’t stop.

It’s not about getting a chance, it’s about taking a chance.

True friendship and true love do sustain the tests of distance and time.

Even when you feel like you have nothing, someone else likely has far less.

Spend as much time as possible with the people you love.

Over-deliver on all your promises.

Make time to be spontaneous.

Today, I was sitting on my front porch watching the neighbor’s kid have the time of his life with nothing more than a wooden stick and his imagination.

Hearing the right song at the right moment can throw you back in time or define the meaning of life.

A familiar smell can bring an ancient memory into clear focus.

Pink Floyd once said “the memories of a man in his old age are the deeds of a man in his prime”. There is no simple pleasure more satisfying than recounting the greatest moments of your life with your closest friends who lived these moments alongside you.

Life is extraordinary in the moments when you are laughing so hard you can barely breathe.

There are few people you allow to hold your hand, so when it happens you can be sure that the moment is special.
All of my pets are rescues. Max, in the WOOF series, is based on my German shepherd Harley. He crossed over the Rainbow Bridge May 2015. RIP my handsome, sweet, crazy boy. 
Rascal is our Golden Retriever. RIP, Rascal. I miss you. Crossed over the Rainbow Bridge Oct. 2011
Meet Myron and Murphy. Sweet ( but rotten ) kitties.
Myron. He's the troublemaker.
And Murphy. Not at all innocent.
                  My first book signing.