The Love, Laugh, Bark books are kind of like Marley and Me only they're not sad and only loosely true. Maybe they’d be more alike if Marley was a German Shepherd named Max and worked as a maître d in an Italian restaurant and lived with a neurotic female named Sophie. And if there was a Golden Retriever named Buttercup and a kitten named Tilley. Oh, and a guy named Jack who was the sheriff in a small town who was the neurotic female’s love interest. So, hmmm…Maybe they're a bit more like Turner and Hooch, minus the huge Mastiff and murder. Also a bit like A Dog’s Purpose, but no one dies or gets reincarnated. They've kind of got a “Friends” feel to them only with less people and more dogs. And a cat.


Am I Crazy For You? Maybe. Or maybe crazier for that taco you’re holding.

When Sophie gets tackled over a taco, she wonders what kind of a crazy person would do such a thing. Meet ex-quarterback turned cop, Jack O’Donlan. He’s sexy, Irish, and willing to go to any lengths to get a date with the beautiful Italian lady he’s just tackled by accident.

When Jack wants a do-over and asks Sophie out for a real date, she says no. Until she learns where he wants to take her. Sophie accepts, but leaves out one key detail: Her big Italian family owns the restaurant. And Jack was going to get grilled by the best.

Will Jack run for his life or embrace the insanity?

Love dogs? Meet Max! He’s the most lovable, conning, canine miscreant to walk on four legs.

When Sophie Zinelli answers her phone in the middle of the night, she never expects to be asked to rescue an abused dog. She lives above her family’s restaurant (Try The Veal) and knows absolutely nothing about owning a dog, let alone a bossy, sly, and smart-alecky German Shepherd. As she tackles Max’s training, you’ll meet Jack, Sophie’s conniving boyfriend and his dog, Buttercup, the kleptomaniac hoarding Golden Retriever, and Tilley the nearly-blind kitten. So what happens when you liberate a dog you don't know? Find out what Sophie does and see just what Max, a very bad dog with a very big heart, is up to. 

Love dogs? Join Sophie as Max gets trained!

What will Sophie Zinelli’s family do when they find out she’s bringing home a dog and giving him a job in their family’s restaurant (Try The Veal)? Max’s vet insists Max needs a job. But what kind of a job can a huge, wily, neurotic dog like Max get in a fine dining establishment? Why, becoming a maitre’d of course. Maybe. If Max will quit eating the profits, stealing grandma’s dentures, and can charm a skeptical food critic. But first Sophie enlists the aid of her blackmailing boyfriend, Jack, his dog Buttercup, and Max’s friend, Tilley the cat. Then Sophie must figure out who is sabotaging Max at every turn before Sophie’s very large, very loud, very Italian family banishes them both for good.
Max is the most lovable, conning, canine miscreant to walk on four legs.  

When Sophie Zinelli accepts an invitation to go to a speed dating event for dog owners (Bring your dog!), she balks, then figures why not? After all, Jack, her blackmailing boyfriend, hasn’t called in a month. A month! Between Jack not calling and her family pushing her to go, she’s feeling more than a little expendable. Only she has nothing to wear, has a dog who is out of control, and has no idea what to expect.
Find out how her dates get sabotaged, what Jack is up to, and see what kind of mischief Max gets her into this time. Even Danny The Dog Drawler’s Training Guide can’t help her now.
Love dogs? Well, Max is at it again! He’s the most lovable, conning, catastrophic canine to walk on four legs.
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Oh, baby, I love your way. Sort of. Bottles and diapers and cries, poor Max! A laugh out loud, heartwarming babysitting disaster that will make your day a whole lot happier.

Age old question: Where do babies come from? Obvious answer: Their parents. At least until the parents decide to hatch a disastrous matchmaking scheme. Cue Sophie and Jack. And Max, of course. None of whom know how babies work. Most people Sophie’s age are making babies. Sophie can barely manage to make a sandwich.

So, what happens when Sophie and Jack are tricked into babysitting an eating, screaming, pooping machine? Sophie discovers that no outfit is complete without barf and baby food. Jack realizes babies can smell fear. Max learns silence isn’t golden, it’s suspicious. Buttercup knows the baby needs to be changed. Like into a couch or something quieter. And what does buh-buh-buh mean exactly? Time for a beer? A sandwich? The Little Mermaid?

Only the cute, cuddly cherub knows for sure.

Poor Max learns ‘parent speak’ for, “I’m going to count to three. Because I said so. Eat your vegetables!” Now it’s game on.
Join in the laughs, the love, and the tail-wagging fun!

A heartwarming, magical, Christmas romance. Max style. 

Sometimes you need to listen to your heart. Other times you need to listen to Max.

It’s Christmas Eve and Jack is visited by three ghosts. Sort of. First, there’s Tilley the kitten, who takes Jack back to Christmas Past. Then there’s Max, who shows Jack the joy of Christmas Present and reminds him that people should love the way dogs do, forever and without conditions. Buttercup is last, and shows Jack what is Yet To Come if he doesn’t move forward and let go of old hurts. The threesome help to remind Jack that love is much more than broken promises and heartache.

.See how Jack learns exactly what love is, what could be, and just what he’ll lose if he doesn’t make the right decision in time. Grab your copy now and make your season bright!